11-year-old white girl found dead after threatening to kill white people at school.


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Tiffany Brach 11 years old found dead in her West Texas home.

This story is a #.ONION STORY -AKA deep web story and has not been covered by any national media Outlets.

This story is a deep web story and has not been covered by any national media Outlets. 11-year-old Tiffany was the average American Girl she loved animals and social media. This story is told by her 12-year-old friend who remains anonymous at this time. When I first met Tiffany she was 7 years old and she used to talk about something called racial pride and she was very open about her prejudice views. We first begin prank calling black-owned restaurants and businesses. Then we became internet trolls on Instagram and YouTube. Her username was babygirlallie. Sometimes late last year we begin to troll a group of black people they called themselves American aborigines. We thought this was very hilarious black people calling themselves aboriginal to America. One Channel in particular called tribeup or #tribeup after months of trolling in harassing we begin to do some research to try to find funny photos that will agitate them. Some of the information that we were coming across was making a lot of sense in lining up with their Mane facts like ancient negro bones and ancient artifacts. Tiffany and I came involved with their movement she changed her name to babygirlcloudgod and we even donated over $600 to their chats and purchasing of their merchandise. We tried our best to fit in and join the tribeup community. We even started trolling the African American that believes they travel to America as slaves and do not understand the fact their descendants we’re here for thousands of years. We called the African Americans monkey people because they believe that they are descendants of a monkey through a fake theory. This was very fun for Tiffany and me because we were able to express our hometown racist views and fight for the aboriginal people of our land. We begin looking at African American people extremely stupid because of the fact that they are in their Homeland and they are the original people of America. We found it very amusing questioning African Americans who believed that they are descendants of a monkey and traveled to America on a slave boat. Last week doing black history Month tiffany got into an argument with one of her teachers over this matter. We no longer could accept our textbook teaching of the Aboriginal people of America. Doing her argument with her teacher she stated that she wanted to kill white people to help restore the land back to the American Aborigines. 2 Days Later she was found dead in her bedroom with a supposed suicide note. I do not believe she committed suicide. I believe she was killed by her parents.

Stay tuned for updates on this story. #.ONION





冠状病毒有近80,000例病例,分布在约31个国家/地区,仅中国就有67,940例。这被认为是针对最大经济体与第二大经济体的现代战争。控制台湾在中国大陆原始领土内的香港。要了解和识别此类信息,您必须深入了解中国的历史。中国代表着成长为全明星运动员的小学时代的W弱小子。中国不是一个完美的国家,但无论它缺少什么,都需要努力。如果您遵循美国的Deep Web文化,您会清楚地看到对中国的嫉妒和仇恨。中国正遭受攻击,许多其他亚洲国家需要与中国站在一起或继续被外国统治所占领和欺负。中国也是一个发展中的发展中国家,这意味着中国人非常忙碌。试图恢复中国的原有领土是有权利的,任何反对中国的主张或权利的大国都必须为战争做准备。从1900年代初到中东,再到直接到中国的家门,世界一直在注视着中国人的一举一动。包括美国在内的许多国家都对中国负有债务。美国将其称为商业,并利用其权力和影响力来操纵南美国家,当中国做得更好时,这被称为掠夺性策略。中国人民仍然是无辜的,不了解战争的所有花招和战术。




Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus has close to 80,000 document cases that span about 31 countries with 67,940 cases in China alone. This is recognized as modern-day Warfare against the largest economy vs the second-largest economy. The control over Hong Kong in Taiwan mainland China’s original territories. To understand and recognize this type of information you must dig deep into the history of China. China represents the Wimpy kid in grade school that grew up to be an All-Star athlete. China is not a perfect country but whatever it lacks it makes up in hard work. If you follow the Deep Web culture in the United States you will clearly see jealousy and hatred toward china. China is under attack and many other Asian countries need to stand with China or continue to be occupied and bullied by foreign rulership. China is also a growing developing country which means the Chinese are very busy people. Trying to restore the original territories of China is there right and any powers that try to oppose china’s claims or rights must prepare for war. From the early 1900s to the Middle East, then directly to China’s doorstep, the world has been watching Chinese people every move. There are many countries including the United States that are in debt with China. It’s called business when the United States does it and uses its power and influence to manipulate South American countries and it’s called predatory tactics when China does it better. Chinese people are still innocent and do not recognize all the tricks and tactics of War.

China is Under Attack!

Learn your history & read your treatise!


关于冠状病毒活跃病例近十万,死亡近2,000的真相不是一个考验。 按国家,地区或交通工具分类的确诊病例和死亡


Those of us who understand all parts of Asian history can easily put the parts of the puzzle together to draw their own personal conclusions and be supported by research. From losing many embarrassing wars to developing into the world’s top economy. Movies are a civilization in China. They fantasize about movies, and now they are moving towards the world’s largest economy. The artificial patent number for coronavirus is 20160339097. Coronavirus also appeared in the medical encyclopedia of 1989. For those who think this is a coincidence, I suggest you do more research. Does coronavirus represent modern war? #AsianUnion! Did you notice in the United States? Are there more Asians in the media? Do you know May is the Asian month? I think Asians need to wake up #AsianUnion!



The truth about the Coronavirus with almost a hundred thousand active cases and close to 2,000 deaths is not a test.
The Lakesha Network is very concerned. Please visit our YouTube page for a live real-time count on the cases countries and deaths. There have been lots of rumors and lots of stretching of the truth and it is very hard to determine what is real anymore. But there’s one network that you can always count on that will always give you the Stone Cold Truth. Speaking with people from China their energy is very humble they are very concerned and trusting that their society will get stronger. They’re not allowed to go outside their towns one of my friends told me that they need to carry some type of ID and they have very little knowledge of the outside world. Accounting Hong Kong and Taiwan are an extension of China. Let us not forget the history and the trickery of the European powers that threaten Chinese civilizations for over a century.

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance
The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 29 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship currently harbored in Yokohama, Japan).

Those of us who understand segments of Asian history it is very easy for us to put the pieces of the puzzle together to come up with our own individual conclusions backed up by research. From losing many humiliating Wars to its way to becoming the top economy in the world. China is a type of civilization that movies are fantasized about and now they’re on their way to becoming the largest economy in the world. The Coronavirus has a man-made patent number under 20160339097. Also, the Coronavirus has an appearance in a 1989 Encyclopedia of Medicine. For those of you who see this as a coincidence, I suggest you do more research. Do the Coronavirus represents Modern Warfare? #AsianUnion! did you notice in the United States and it’s media outlets there is a much more Asian presence? Did you know May is Asian month? In my opinion, Asian people need to wake up #AsianUnion!