Yahoo Data Breach


This is a follow up from a blog I did in 2019

Some of you may not know that Yahoo was one of the companies that suffered a data breach, that may have affected some of our personal information .

My  Yahoo account is the longest email account I have and I have maintained access for over 10 years.

When I first heard about this I did  a little research and immediately put in a claim.  A  class action settlement was reached late in 2019. This specific settlement granting settlement members a chance to receive credit monitoring with a minimum of two years and if you already have credit monitoring you will qualify for additional monitoring services. The services may also  include a one-time payment, they payment amount may be as small as $100 or as large as $358.80 depending on how many people put in their claims. 

I already have credit monitoring I have maintained monitoring for many years so I opted for the cash payment.

Once again they are not giving the public a long time to summit claims so the deadline is slowly approaching March 6, 2020 . Please everyone lets put in our claims and get what they owe us because with all the technology they have today why cant Yahoo keep its members information safe.

Daily we are having  issues with recalled  foods, auto recalls and continuous data breaches. Pay attention and do your own research on what is going on around the world.

This breach affected Israel also not just North America anyone who had a account January 1, 2012 Through December 31, 2016

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Infants TYLENOL Settlement

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Yesterday one of my family friends sent me a message through Facebook about a infant Tylenol settlement that has been reached. To tell you the truth I didn’t even know anything about a lawsuit,  but I am assuming this happened a while back. 

This specific law suit and settlement agreement goes all the way back  and it includes  parents who bought  infant Tylenol the last 6 years.  Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay a 6.3 million settlement.

On the packaging the labels says Infant which can be seen to be misleading because it’s basically saying that the product is specifically for infants and there is no proof this statement is true. All these years it turns out Johnson & Johnson has been charging the consumer more for infant Tylenol then regular children’s Tylenol.

Infant and Children’s Tylenol have the the same amount of concentrated acetaminophen in each bottle. The article I read called Johnson & Johnson  misleading, I call it straight getting over  I am being bold and getting straight to the point. I’m really wondering when will the people do something about these companies misleading and not being straight forward with the consumers. 

Consumers have to start manufacturing, producing and packaging our own products or just simply going back to the natural ways of life because there are plants out here that can help in every way we just trust the pharmaceutical industry more than what was given to us our natural resources. That’s a whole different topic if you want more info on natural resources email me  I’ll get you some information. 

The infant Tylenol comes with a syringe and a dosage recommendation although children Tylenol does not come with these extras which specifically makes these two products different. The company is denying all claims and allegations as most companies do but agreed to pay the settlement.

You can get $2.15 per every 1 ounce or 2 oz bottle infant Tylenol there’s no limit on this as long as you have proof that you bought these products. If you don’t have proof of purchase then you qualify for up to seven bottles which equals to about $15.05

You may be eligible to receive a payment if you put in a claim by April 13th 2020 only one claim per household is allowed.

I put in my claim already my daughter was born December 2014 so I most definitely bought this product I’m already knowing. The only thing is there’s no way I still have all those receipts from back then,  I wasn’t big on keeping all of my receipts now I keep everything for at least two to three years.

Today you never know when your receipts will come in handy plus now they have apps on your phone that actually pays you for your receipts.  You can make extra cash  just by scanning in your receipts through your smartphone.

For more information on the Infant Tylenol settlement go to the websites listed below.

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Happy New Year Lets Start the year with making sure we put in our claims for the Data Breach of 2017 through 2019

Not sure if you all heard about the Equifax Data Breach of 2017.

Soon as I found out I put in a claim immediately and I wanted to share the information with you all. 

I did a blog on it a few months back this is basically an update for those who did not receive the information back in 2019.

There was a class action suit introduced July 22nd 2019, If you do some research you will find out that the data breach goes all the way back to 2017. 

Equifax is admitting that  about 147 million people were affected.

This specific breach affected the personal information of the victims which may include account information, Social Security numbers and other personal information. Equifax is not being honest and straight forward about what was collected, only thing the company admits is the breach was due to a employee error.  Other articles say it was done by a hacker so there is no real way to know what caused the breach. 

Equifax original reaction to the breach was to offer a one time $125 payment or free credit monitoring through all four credit monitoring companies for up to four years. 

Right after the class action suit was introduced the commissioner suggested that the victims forfeit  the $125 payment  and opt in to the  free credit monitoring.  I am guessing this statement  is based on the fact that the payments will be prorated they are saying that you might not get no more than $0.21 based on  how many people put in their claim. A fund of 575 million up to 700 million was set up to pay the victims. 

In order for the victims to receive there $125 payment the maximum claimants would have to be no more than 248,000 victims and honestly that is not even a large percentage of the 147 million victim so in my opinion this is a total loss for the American people. So basically a large credit company such as Equifax can be breached and the victims will not get compensated although they may face a lot of problems in the future. This is a very serious data breach and the American people should not be forced to jump through hoops in order to be compensated for Equifax mistakes they need to be held accountable just like they would hold us accountable if something was to happen and we were the cause of it.

For more information of the Equifax Data breach click the links below.

Please don’t wait to put in your claim because they are only giving the victims to January 20, 2020

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Hard Boiled Eggs Recall

Last Friday Pre-Package hard boiled eggs were recalled

The crazy part is I never trusted those eggs in the first place. I can remember my co worker and I always saying we didn’t trust those eggs.
My biggest fear was the fact that it was hard for me to believe that they were real eggs considering they come fully cooked without a shell.
I use to get food from my dietary department and whenever they served those eggs I would decline, I am sure you can tell they always had a lot of leftover pre- packaged eggs
It doesn’t surprise me at all considering they are recalling everything, but not to many people pay close attention to the products that are being recalled daily.

This specific recall is due to the pre-packaged eggs being contaminated with Listeria. This is a multi-state recall. The eggs were produced by Almark Foods of Gainesville, Georgia and shipped throughout the United States.

So far 7 cases have been reported in 5 different state, with four hospitalizations and one death. At this point all I can say is this is crazy, like I stated before on a previous blog why does this always happen right before the holidays?

There is no real way to tell if you purchased these eggs unless the retailer discloses who they bought them from which more than likely will not happen. So basically they are recalling all of the hard boiled and pre peeled eggs that were purchased from Almark Foods located in Gainesville, Georgia.

If you would like more information on the signs and symptoms of Listeria read my previous blog

For more information on the Pre- Packaged egg recall click the links provided below

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Three new auto recalls right before the New Year.

So there has been three new auto recalls
This time we have Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Prius .

General Motors is also recalling another 900,000 vehicles due to software issues and fire hazards. This is the second GM recall since  November, you can look through the blog to find the earlier recall. 
If you have been following the Lakesha Recall center you will notice I have been blogging about auto recalls for months even before the updated blog.

I don’t know  if everyone is following these recalls in different industries but to me this is getting out of of hand. It is starting to be very hard to keep up with all the auto recalls. It seems to me these auto production companies are putting these vehicles out on the market to quickly and not taking enough time to properly inspect these vehicles. 

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White Castle frozen food Recalled due to Listeria Contamination

I don’t know about everyone else but White Castle is one of my all time favorites. Every time I go visit family in Chicago I stop by White Castle on my way home. Although I am not a big fan of the frozen products I prefer the real deal always. 

The recall went out on December 6th 2019 by the FDA 

The press release states that the frozen products may have traceable amounts of Listeria Monocytongenes.  If you have purchased these products and still have some left in your freezer  with best by date August 2020 to throw the frozen burgers  away immediately. Customers can also return the product to the store they purchased it from for a refund. 

Cyberbullying is comparable to conventional bullying where somebody is selected on by somebody else, but it occurs on line. It remains a big headache and a lot of parents are requesting what’re methods to avoid cyber bullying. Frequently times, it provides a little anonymity to the bully so they really feel like they are able to state things that they might never consider declaring to anyone face to face. It can not be dismissed and it is the duty of every individual to report such sort of behaviour instantly to write my paper authorities to ensure culprit may be so penalized.

Regarding the individuals who develop cyber bullying, they get stressed. With the growing use of e-services and cellular technologies, cyberbullying is now regular, especially among adolescents. It is crucial to block cyberbullying and get help for the people involved, but however, it can be challenging to understand the best way to avoid cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying is the action of utilizing the social media in the web to burden someone.

Studies show that Listeria can cause  very serious and sometimes be  fatal for  children, elderly and people with a weak immune system. The signs and symptoms of Listeria are nausea, abdominal pains, diarrhea, very high fever and stiffness. A more severe reaction on women is a high chance of miscarriage and stillbirth.  At this point there hasn’t been any reports of illness and this is a volunteer recall at the moment. The specific products are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Jalapeno cheeseburgers the 6 and 16 pack.

For more information of specific packaging information click the website below for a detailed product list. 

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Bottled Water Contamination

What if the FDA knew our bottled waters were contaminated and did not report the contamination to the American people. Ask yourself would our FDA officials really do this ?

The article I read was a consumer report and I think people should really pay attention to what is going on in the world today.

Original article written by Ryan Felton

November 21, 2019

A lot of people today think bottled water is safer than tap water but how true is this statement ? Ask yourself the reason you choose to drink bottled water verse tap water. Personally I never drink tap water unless the facet has a filter system . The water were I live doesn’t look to appealing to me. I walk to the gas station sometimes and I am like this water looks disgusting I would never drink it.

My sister’s apartment is right off the Lake and she has a major bug problem, she has told me living there she has seen bugs she never seen before. At my nephews middle school graduation party I learned of this issues first hand. Even with the grill going we were forced to the front of her apartment building.

No one is policing the bottled water industry like they do everything else.

I say this because I am a healthcare professional and we have annual inspections so why is it ok for no one to have strict regulations for they bottled water industry

For more information go to the website listed below.

The worst part in my opinion is the possibility that they would continued to let it be sold on the market without thinking twice.

There are some new studies out showing that this is exactly what has been going on for years and the regulations for bottle water providers has been very limited unlike health and food services regulated by OSHA , FDA and many other government organization.

The article I read went all the way back to 2018 the FDA did a inspection on Sweet Springs Valley Water a bottled water production company located in Virginia.

Apparently the FDA audited the water testing records and found that a couple months earlier the company had bottled and shipped out water that may have been contaminated with E.Coli .

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Ajinomoto Foods

Recalls Chicken Fried Rice

Due to unknown foreign matter

Already prepared foods being recalled doesn’t surprise me at all they recall everything else daily.

Can someone please tell me what exactly is 

” Foreign Matter” .

As I read through the article looking for more details, I figured out they are talking about a unknown plastic material found in the chicken fried rice.
As of  November 22nd  Ajinomoto Foods  is recalling 172,692 pounds of their Japanese style chicken fried rice.

The specific brand is AJINOMOTO YAKITORI CHICKEN WITH JAPANESE-STYLE FRIED RICE 3559007, 3559008, 3559015, 3559190 and 3559191”

Best by dates of “1/7/2020, 1/8/2020, 1/15/2020, 7/9/2020 and 7/10/2020.
for more information go to the website provided below.

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Romaine Lettuce and Salad Products Recall

Romaine Lettuce

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet the CDC is recalling romaine lettuce and other salad products.
Looking through some information on the web you will see this is not the first time Romaine lettuce has been recalled in  2019 .

This specific recall is due to a E.coli contamination and 22 different states may have been affected. The salad products were sold at Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and other stores. 

On Wednesday November 21, 2019  17 people were treated in 8 different states. This strain of E.coli can cause Kidney failure and even death if not treated. Ironically these outbreaks come when we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy a meal with the people we cherish and love. 

The states where the illness  have been reported so far are Wisconsin, California, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland, Idaho and Washington. 

For more information click the links below

I was reading a few articles yesterday came across one particular article about Colorado schools closing because of a virus similar to Norovirus .

The link below will take you to the Colorado Outbreak.

I am wondering if  there is a connection between the Colorado outbreak that has caused 40 Colorado schools to close.  Is it possible that some of these students may have come in contact with  E. coli?  and will  we see more outbreaks causes schools to close in the future, only time will tell. 

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General Motors recall over 600,000 pickup trucks due to carpets catching on fire.

General Motors

November 21, 2019

Today GM announced there has already been two reports of fires connected to the latest GM recall but no injuries so far.

The cause of the newest GM recall is due to the high tech seat belt possibly setting the carpets on fire.

The recalls issued are on certain 2019 and 2020 models such as Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks. Sierra 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickups may also be affected.

If you lease or own any of these vehicles please contact GM and get your vehicle checked out and please do not wait.

No date of the recall has been given yet.

For more information go to the website below

The links above will give you more information and a chance to check and see if your vehicle has been recalled since 1999.

All I can say is aren’t there proper procedures they go through before they put vehicles on the market.

If so why are they recalling so many vehicles not just GM?