Infants TYLENOL Settlement

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Yesterday one of my family friends sent me a message through Facebook about a infant Tylenol settlement that has been reached. To tell you the truth I didn’t even know anything about a lawsuit,  but I am assuming this happened a while back. 

This specific law suit and settlement agreement goes all the way back  and it includes  parents who bought  infant Tylenol the last 6 years.  Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay a 6.3 million settlement.

On the packaging the labels says Infant which can be seen to be misleading because it’s basically saying that the product is specifically for infants and there is no proof this statement is true. All these years it turns out Johnson & Johnson has been charging the consumer more for infant Tylenol then regular children’s Tylenol.

Infant and Children’s Tylenol have the the same amount of concentrated acetaminophen in each bottle. The article I read called Johnson & Johnson  misleading, I call it straight getting over  I am being bold and getting straight to the point. I’m really wondering when will the people do something about these companies misleading and not being straight forward with the consumers. 

Consumers have to start manufacturing, producing and packaging our own products or just simply going back to the natural ways of life because there are plants out here that can help in every way we just trust the pharmaceutical industry more than what was given to us our natural resources. That’s a whole different topic if you want more info on natural resources email me  I’ll get you some information. 

The infant Tylenol comes with a syringe and a dosage recommendation although children Tylenol does not come with these extras which specifically makes these two products different. The company is denying all claims and allegations as most companies do but agreed to pay the settlement.

You can get $2.15 per every 1 ounce or 2 oz bottle infant Tylenol there’s no limit on this as long as you have proof that you bought these products. If you don’t have proof of purchase then you qualify for up to seven bottles which equals to about $15.05

You may be eligible to receive a payment if you put in a claim by April 13th 2020 only one claim per household is allowed.

I put in my claim already my daughter was born December 2014 so I most definitely bought this product I’m already knowing. The only thing is there’s no way I still have all those receipts from back then,  I wasn’t big on keeping all of my receipts now I keep everything for at least two to three years.

Today you never know when your receipts will come in handy plus now they have apps on your phone that actually pays you for your receipts.  You can make extra cash  just by scanning in your receipts through your smartphone.

For more information on the Infant Tylenol settlement go to the websites listed below.

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